Why Consider a Custom Gate with Electronic Controls

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If you still lock the doors in your company with a regular key, it might be the time to consider a custom gate with electronic controls, just to make your work easier and increase protection for both employees and the entire company from theft or malicious people. Per experienced automatic gates Denver contractors, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy.

A gate with electronic controls reduces the risks that can occur with the loss of the key. If you have not implemented such a system in your company, you probably have to give a key to each person you hire and make sure that every employee who leaves your company hands over the keys when they resign or are fired. If you have a company with less than ten employees, this situation is more easily manageable, but if the number of your employees is higher it will be more and more difficult for you to control people`s access.

Using a regular key involves some risks. Even if one of your employees hands you the key when they leave, they may have a copy at home which will allow them access to the company when you are not there. Useless to say that this may lead to theft of information and goods. A regular key can also be lost quite easily, or even stolen.

If you opt for custom gate with electronic controls, you can block the access of those who no longer work in your company and, if an access card is lost, you can block it remotely. This way, the risks of someone unauthorized entering your company are close to zero.

A gate with electronic controls lets you know who enters your property and when. Unlike regular keys, access cards have a unique identification code that you can assign to each employee. This code lets you know who got in, when they got in and how long they have stayed and makes easy the identification of intruders, which is particularly useful in the event of a negative incident. Also in case of a fire, you can monitor if all the employees who came that day for work evacuated the building safely, so you can make the job of the firefighters much easier. Also, this measure can help you to monitor each employee`s working hours more easily. You can check the days when they were absent and the days when they went away from work for a few hours. On the other hand, with such an access control system, no employee has to worry anymore about not being evaluated properly.

With access control, you can also set restrictions in certain areas of your property, for certain periods of time. An ordinary key can give each employee access to any area of ​​the company. But using an electromagnetic latch with access control allows you to permit the access selectively, according to the criteria that you choose, and even to block the access completely (e.g. the access of the employees outside working hours).