When Should I Use Soft Digging Services?

Soft digging services such as hydrovac and vacuum excavation can be very effective in certain situations. When you’re trying to dig in a remote area that hasn’t been previously inhabited and doesn’t have any particular environmental habitats that need protecting, then conventional digging methods might be a good option. However, in many cities as well as countryside areas, digging on just about any property can have bad consequences.

As a result, many of these areas are better off being tackled through the use of soft digging services, in order to protect them from damage or to prevent safety issues that can result from unstable terrain.

soft digging

Protecting Underground Utility Lines

One of the most important times when the use of hydro or vacuum excavation will be required is for the protection of underground utility lines. It can cost a lot of money and disrupt your project a great deal to hit a utility line such as an undocumented gas pipe during your excavations – not to mention that it can also be extremely dangerous for the workers involved.

Soft digging services are employed at times like these to prevent damage, ensure that the project is safe for workers and bystanders, and oftentimes to also detect uncharted utility line layouts through practices such as potholing.

Avoiding Damage to Trees and Plants

If you have a rich garden, the older trees, plants and shrubs in your garden could have extensive root systems that extend far beyond their designated locations. Unfortunately, conventional digging methods are not good for keeping these root systems safe, which means that after an extensive excavation initiative, a lot of your trees, plants and flowers would have to be replaced or replanted.

To prevent that, you can use soft digging services that prevent damage to the roots. The precision of hydro excavation in particular is such that it can be used to blow away dirt and soil but keep fragile tree roots intact. As a result, it won’t be difficult to complete your work without damaging your trees and plants, and even with the option to dig around the roots and be able to relocate the tree without the risk of damaging it.

Dealing with Unstable Soil

Finally, there is a need for a soft touch and added precision when you’re dealing with difficult and unstable soil. Hydrovac and vacuum excavation can be equally effective in this case. In fact, some experts prefer vacuum excavation practices because they leave behind less debris, so the control it can offer when dealing with unstable soil can be superior in some cases.

Using regular digging methods on unstable soil can be very dangerous, causing landslides and other major problems. Such concerns can be avoided through the precision of hydro excavation or a good vacuum truck. As a result, excavation experts can retain complete control throughout the process, and the ease, dependability and speed of soft digging practices will ensure that great care can be taken to avoid damage to the surrounding ecosystem as well – meaning that soft digging services are also the most environmentally friendly digging solutions available today.