What Is an OSHA 30 Training Class and Why Should It Interest You?

For employers who need their workers to be knowledgeable about using equipment or handling dangerous devices and materials at the workplace, the OSHA 30 training class is essential. Aside from providing employees with the necessary knowledge and training for health and safety at the workplace, it will also provide them with the highest OSHA certification. If you’re planning to work in a factory or  warehouse, this is the main training class that you should consider.

Introducing the OSHA 30 Training Class

The OSHA 30 training course is one of the most comprehensive online safety and training educational courses you will find. Covering 30 hours of well-chosen materials and details pertaining to OSHA standards, it will teach you everything you’ll need to keep a high standard of health and safety at your workplace.

Unlike the OSHA 10 class, this course covers a lot more than just the basics of health and safety. It also takes an in-depth look at topics that employees and managers working in higher risk environments or having responsibility over other workers might need to learn about:

  • The course covers extensive educational material associated with the proper use of electricity at the workplace and the recognition of the most essential electrical hazards.
  • Similar attention is given to the science and hazards of various chemical agents and bloodborne pathogens.
  • The safety information and strategies included in the course also cover the use of various types of equipment such as PPEs.
  • You will also get comprehensive information about walking hazards, surfaces that are typically used for walking and working, as well as machine guarding, knowledge of exit routes and emergency plans, and much more.

Once you start the OSHA 30 certification course, you will see that it covers not only some very detailed materials presented in audio form, but also real life case studies, study guides and access to experienced instructors who will answer all your questions about the class. Also, there is a comprehensive and detailed review present at the end of each lesson to help workers assimilate the information as easily as possible.

OSHA 30 certification

How You Should Approach the Class

Preparing for a training class is often as important as taking it. You won’t be able to assimilate the knowledge provided without preparing yourself beforehand in an appropriate manner. Also, there is a small monetary requirement, and this class is not as cheap as the OSHA 10. The OSHA 30 class will cost you right around $100 more than a basic OSHA training 10 class, which is however a completely worthwhile expense.

The course access is available 24/7 during the time when you’re taking the class, and the materials will be well worth studying in greater detail. Additionally, be prepared to take notes and write down any questions you might have, since you’ll be able to ask an experienced and knowledgeable instructor about everything you need to know.

The OSHA 30 course is designed to have an accessible learning curve that workers can easily manage. Aside from the certification it provides, you’ll find that it will also teach you a great deal of practical knowledge about health and safety.