What Are Some of the Most Common Garage Door Repairs to Consider?

Even though there are a lot of different types of garage doors that you might install in your home, the basic principle behind their operation is very similar, and it’s not unlike that of most doors. You have the door itself and the materials that it’s made from, along with a locking mechanism that, in the case of some garage doors, is also motorized and fitted with additional sensors, alarms and remote locking systems designed to keep your car safe from intruders.

Unfortunately, even the best and most advanced garage doors can break down or malfunction in some ways. Whether you drove the car into it on a foggy evening, or the electronic lock was hit by a power surge, you will need to get acquainted with some of the main problems and fixes that can arise and know what to expect in each case.

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The Most Basic and Common Repairs

There are some common garage door problems that typically have simple enough fixes even if they don’t seem like it. These repairs can even be made by DIY enthusiasts with that have few technical skills and tools available at their disposal:

  • Cracks are probably the most common problem that can arise, especially with older doors made of wood or other softer materials. To get rid of cracks and gaps, you can use a common waterproof sealant or filler to caulk the affected areas.
  • When the garage door opens only partially and then immediately closes, the problem might be with the springs that are found at the top of the door. If it hasn’t been more than three years since the springs were installed, you can typically get away with only replacing the broken ones, but most experts recommend that you replace all of them to save money in the long run.
  • Alignment problems are common, and they can lead to garage doors closing only partially or never closing at all. A common fix for this problem is to check to see if something is obstructing the door’s photo-eye – a security component located on both sides of your garage door. In some cases you might need to call in an expert, especially if the photo-eye is fine and the misalignment is caused by a mechanical problem.
  • If the garage door doesn’t seal all the way to the bottom, you could consider calling in an expert that repairs garage doors near me to fix it. However, a more straightforward and affordable repair is to get some pipe insulation from your local hardware store and secure it to the part of the door that doesn’t seal properly.

Difficult Repairs and the Need for Replacement

Some repairs require the presence of an expert, and others simply can’t be fixed in any practical way, being either too difficult or too expensive to repair completely. Doors damaged beyond repair by collisions, rust or mold, or those that are too old to continue protecting your garage properly usually have to be replaced entirely as recommended by pros installing garage doors near me.

If you want to avoid the hassle of replacing the door yourself, you can simply call on your local garage door service and have them arrive to your location to install a brand new door within just a couple of days at most.