Unique Commercial Roof Designs

Commercial roofs are supposed to serve the purpose of functionality, safety, stability and reliability, but there is no reason why all those utilitarian roles could not be combined with unique appearance on the topmost cover on your commercial facility. Here are some ideas.

Combine Sloping Angles

Most commercial roofs are flat or sloping at a very low angle. However, creating a roof in which two, low-sloping components meet in a valley in the middle is great for creating a unique design. The solution increases the risk of water accumulations in the valley, but the right materials and a properly designed and executed drainage system can work wonders.

Use a Green Roof

If your building is sturdy enough to support a heavy roof and you are willing to invest not only money, but some work into your new roof, a green roof looks great and has lots of benefits. Green roofs are structures covered in special, draught-resistant vegetation – if you go for this solution, you will practically have a little garden for a roof. The structure requires some experience and expertise to build: green roofs need special draining and irrigation systems and the plants should also be chosen carefully.

One of the most obvious benefits of getting a green roof is stunning appearance, but the line of advantages is long. Green roofs are also known to improve the quality of the air in as well as around the building and they also reduce the urban heat effect, lowering the temperature and adjusting the humidity of the air to optimal levels around the building. Your green roof will not only impress your inform your visitors that you care not only for great architectural solutions, but also for your company’s and your team’s health and well-being.

Colorful Roofs

You might think that a flat or low-sloping roof is hardly visible from the ground, but it is not so – your building’s topmost layer is much more visible than that, therefore using colors on it is just as important as using the right hues on your building’s facade. Painting your roof to the colors used in your company logo, for example, is a great way to create a consistent design for your entire building.

Use a Mushroom Roof

Using a roof that is shaped like a dome is another great way to add personality to your entire building. Building the supporting structure for the unusual roof shape is a bit more complicated than building the structure for a flat roof, but the results will surely be stunning. One more argument on the con side: dome-shaped roofs are not prone to the accumulation of water or snow, therefore less sensitive to water damage.

A Flower-Shaped Roof

For that, you will need a flower-shaped building, too, so the idea works only if you currently in the phase of building design, not only roof design or roof replacement. The idea of having artistic creations in place of roofs is not new, but the range of options and solutions is far from being exhausted.

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