Industrial Shelving Ideas for Getting the Project Right

Designing Warehouse Shelving Ideas

Designing, buying and installing shelves in your warehouse is no small task – the project requires careful calculations, there are lots of factors to consider and lots of decisions to make, so here are some industrial shelving ideas that can help you.

Make Accurate Measurements

Measure the space that you want to shelf in, then repeat the measurements several times to make sure they are accurate – there is nothing worse than realizing that your new shelves are too small or too large for the warehouse when they are already delivered. Try to make an accurate assessment of the weight that your shelves will typically need to carry – this detail is essential for the entire design process and for determining the best material for your shelves as well.

Determining the Type of the Shelving

The three most common types of industrial shelves are rivet-type, wire and steel-clip shelves – here are some features that can help you select the right one:

  • Rivet shelving is strong and easy to install. This type of shelving uses a strong frame made from steel and decking made from plywood, particle board, steel or wire and it can hold up to 1,800 lbs per shelf. The solution works best in areas where the heavy weight of the shelving itself is not an issue and where aesthetic considerations are not a priority;
  • Steel shelves are also very strong and they offer great customization options as well. Steel shelves can be easily accessorized with dividers and doors and they are great for small, but very heavy items as well. Steel shelving is more attractive than rivet-type shelves, therefore they work great not only in warehouses, but in offices as well;
  • Wire shelves – these solutions are strong, durable, attractive and easy to clean. Wire shelving is also easy to adjust with the help of clips and it is available in many different configurations, including wall-mounted and corner installations.

New or Used

You can choose to buy new shelves from large stores where you can choose from a number of standard sizes, you can get your shelves custom-made to your exact specifications in a factory or you can try to look for second-hand units from a reliable reseller company.  Look to the reseller company for used forklifts Colorado companies no longer need. Buying new shelves is a good idea if you are ready to invest more into your shelving project, while second-hand units work best for smaller warehouses operated by companies that cannot afford the huge investment of buying new shelving.

Whether you decide to buy new or used, make sure you get all the necessary warranty documents and specifications along with your shelves. Find out if there are any specific installation requirements that must be observed and if there are, make sure they are observed, indeed. Also make sure that your shelves are installed properly, using the type of hardware that should be used for that particular type of shelving – industrial shelves loaded with items, but not fixed property pose safety hazards for the employees in the warehouse as well as for the items stored on the shelves.