How to Find out if You Have Bed Bugs in Your House or Apartment

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed exclusively on blood. They often prefer people’s blood. Studies have shown that they do not transmit diseases, unlike mosquitoes for example. Then why are we so afraid and disgusted with them?

Probably, primarily because they multiply fairly quickly and are extremely difficult to kill. They die hard, like Bruce Willis… In addition, a mature bed bug lays up to 300 eggs during their lifetime… Do you realize what an entire colony does? They grow and mature extremely quickly, live quite a long time and, without food, they can hibernate for up to six months. If temperature is appropriate, they can actually hibernate for almost a year.

If you have irritated skin or notice small red spots on your face, arms, legs, chest or back, it is a sign that you may have bed bugs. These are bites that later become inflamed, and once scratched, can lead to bleeding and infection. To make sure the bed bugs are to blame for the red marks on your body, look at the bite pattern. Those made by these insects often appear in groups, straight lines and zigzags.

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However, some people may not have such a physical reaction. In this case, you need to look for other clues.

  • Stains on your clothes

Check for red spots on the bed linen or clothes. If you crushed a bed bug, it will leave a small trail of blood. You may also find brown spots that are made by their feces. You can also find them on bed sheets, as well as in places that are rather difficult to look, such as mattress and wooden frames. Also check the walls, especially under the wallpaper, as bed bugs can leave feces in these places as well.

  • Unpleasant smell

Bed bug glands release pheromones, and if they are in large numbers, the smell can be quite strong – and you will not like it. So, if your room smells of moldy clothes or rotten food for no apparent reason, you likely have a reason to worry.

  • Casings

Bed bugs lose their casings as they grow, so look for light-colored shells. Check pillows, mattress stitches, chairs, sofas, drawers and clothes.

  • White spots

If you notice white spots on the furniture, it could be the eggs of the bedbugs or the eggshells. They have the shape of a rice grain and a translucent white color, sometimes bright. 

How to get rid of bedbugs

Bedbugs can be found even in the cleanest five-star houses or hotels. So, while cleaning plays an important role in removing bed bugs, you will need additional methods to get rid of them completely.

Because these insects do not tolerate acidic environments, sanitary alcohol is a very effective remedy against them. Use a spray bottle and apply it generously on the bed and in any place where you suspect there might be a nest. If this remedy does not help you, a company for bed bug inspection near me will do a great job finding and getting rid of these horrible pests.