Different Ways to Use Granite Around Your Home

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When we hear the word granite, most of us picture countertops in a kitchen or in a bathroom. While these two applications are certainly the most common ones for granite, the natural stone is much more versatile than that. If you find the unique aesthetic appeal, the durability and the resistance of the material appealing, here are some more ways to use granite around your home.

An Extraordinary Flooring Material

Whether used in the form of larger pieces or shaped as tiles, granite makes an excellent flooring material. You can use the material to create flooring made completely from run it or you can use the natural stone to create attractive inlays in the flooring that is made from some type of other material. Granite is suitable for being used to create flooring inside the home as well as outside, being an excellent solution for your kitchen your bathroom, your hallway as well as for your deck, your patio or your fire pit area.

An Attractive Mantle for Your Fireplace

Whether your fireplace features a classic style or it is a sleek, modern piece, a mantelpiece made from granite will only highlight its beauty. Granite is resistant not only two scratching and chipping, but also to high temperatures, therefore it is an excellent option for any application that involves contact with high temperatures.

A Great Desktop or Tabletop

Granite is an excellent option if you need a highly durable and attractive material for your desk. Granite countertops Denver businesses tell us that the durability, the stain resistance and the strength of the material combined with the unique elegance that only natural stone can provide makes granite an excellent solution for an elegant and formal office as well as for a home office that is a pleasure to work in. You can also use granite to add unique styling to your dining table as well – the material will ensure unparalleled elegance and comfortable usage.

A Great Back Splash

The backsplash is a kitchen component that plays an aesthetic as well as a very practical role. The vertical surface serves the purpose of bringing together the design of the area around the kitchen sink and the stove and it also protects the wall from splashing a water, oil or grease. Granite is a solution that can fulfill both requirements marvelously – the unique graining of granite slabs ensures but your backsplash is a beautiful edition to your kitchen and the resistance of the material ensures that nothing reaches behind your back splash.

A Basin or a Sink

The resistance, the durability and the attractive appearance are excellent features that make granite suitable for being used as the material for a complete wash basin or kitchen sink. Both applications can benefit from the great features of the natural stone, especially from the material’s superior resistance to the prolonged contact with water and detergents. Granite can be used for creating sinks and basins of any shape and style, being just as good for simple, classic, rectangular units as they are for round, oval or irregularly shaped units.