Commercial Security Systems – Types and Components

Surveillance Is Necessary For Companies

Security is essential for any company, no matter what the company’s size or profile, that’s why commercial security systems and the technologies used for developing them are in continuous evolution, trying to meet continuously changing requirements.

With today’s modern security systems, companies can choose exactly the level of surveillance camera installation Denver providers offer that they need – they can choose not only systems that use security cameras integrated into a close circuit, but also more complex solutions that provide more comprehensive protection. Here are some of the most common components of integrated security systems used by companies to safeguard their premises.

CCTV Systems

These systems consist of a number of security cameras installed throughout the property, ready to send video images to recorders that create footages with time-stamping for easier retrieval.

Companies can choose from a wide range of camera types to install. If they need night-time monitoring, they can choose night vision and infrared cameras and cameras equipped with automatic motion detection that turn on only when they sense motion in the monitored space are also available. Most systems can be operated and monitored remotely and not only over computers, but from mobile devices as well.

Access Control

These systems are designed to protect sensitive premises from unauthorized access. They usually include access points where people are required to provide proof of authorization, such as key cards, PINs, fingerprints, badges or passcodes to be allowed to pass. Access is usually allowed or denied based on a database of authorized personnel.

Intruder Alarms

These systems use acoustic and motion sensors to detect unauthorized access. When intrusion is detected, the system sends signals to a central control unit that is either monitored by a night guard or connected to a security company’s system or directly to the police.

Perimeter Security

In the past, perimeter security used to mean walls, gates and barriers monitored by guards or by human guards who had guard dogs. Today, these systems use infrared monitoring, cameras and various other technical solutions to safeguard the company’s premises.

Fire Alarms

Another important component in commercial security is the mitigation of any damage caused by fire. Most companies have smoke detectors and fire detectors connected to alarms, some even linked directly to the firefighter center.

Integrated Systems

Many companies today choose to have complex, integrated security systems that include several or all the above components, what’s more, they can even have special systems designed and developed to meet their specific needs and requirements. The development of such customized solutions usually starts with a security assessment of the premises to determine the type of hazards that need to be addressed and also to determine the components that need to be integrated into the system.

The Benefits

Enhanced security is obviously the number one benefit of security systems, but a well-designed and operational security system comes with the benefit of increasing trust toward the company by the company’s clients as well as by its employees, the peace of mind that the property is protected and with some other, very practical advantages, such as decreased insurance premiums.