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What is dancesport?

Dancesport is the international name for Ballroom and Latin American competitive dance. York Dancesport provides:

  • Lessons every week with professional tutor
  • No experience necessary: Beginners & advanced lessons
  • Open to all, only £3 per lesson.

Visit the lessons page for more info or email dancesport@yusu.org

York Dancesport - Class of 2014


Another year done and a look back at the fun times.

Woodstock 2014

On Saturday 21st June, Dancesport took to the Woodstock stage to showcase their talents in front of the enthusiastic student audience. This year Dancesport's showcase was based around the theme of disney songs - cue dances to songs ranging from the Lion King to Pirates of the Caribbean!

We started off with a Samba to the Lion King's "I just can't wait to be king." Samba is a very bouncy dance indeed, and this one involved additional off beat animal poses which can be complicated to coordinate. However, the dance came together just in time and we really enjoyed performing it! We then moved swiftly (and hopefully gracefully) onwards to a Viennese Waltz to Sleeping beauty's "Once upon a dream". The Viennese, in my opinion, is the most beautiful dance. It consists of very few different step combinations, but when you've mastered those few steps you're gliding and spinning across the floor; add a big flowing dress to the equation and you're rapidly entering Disney princess territory. Which is fortunate, since that's what we were aiming for!

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About us

York Dancesport is the Modern Ballroom and Latin American Dance Society for the University of York.

Lessons are taught by a professional dance teacher every week. They are open to all and are only £3.


Membership is open to all and costs just £5 a year, which includes one free lesson.

You don't need any special outfit or shoes to take part for fun. We can even find you a partner.

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