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The Pros and Cons of Replacing All Your Old Windows in One Go

window replacement Broomfield

If the windows in your home are old and damaged and they show all the symptoms of old and damaged windows, from draftiness and fluctuating interior temperatures to condensation and from difficult operation or warping, blistering and cracking frames, the best solution is to get your windows replaced with strong, new windows that will restore your home’s comfort, security and energy-efficiency.

If that is already clear to you and you have put up with the idea that the replacement is inevitable, the next step is to make another important decision: whether or not to replace all the windows in one go. In some cases, the need to replace one window while leaving the others untouched is clear – the window is stuck and does not open at all, the glass is broken, the frame leaks, etc. –, but in other cases, the decision requires more weighing and consideration. Here are the most important pros and cons of replacing all your unit at once.

The Pros of Complete Replacement

Window replacement Broomfield companies suggest that the decision to replace all your old windows in one go gives you a number of benefits:

  • You will have to endure the disruption only once – window replacement companies can tailor the size of the team they send to the volume of the project. If you hire the company to get all your old windows replaced at once, they will surely send a larger team that can work on multiple windows at a time and finish the entire replacement project as quickly as possible. Getting all the windows replaced at the same time also means that you will need to endure the related disruption, the dust, the dirt, the coming and going in your home only once and you will be able to perform a thorough cleaning and restore your room’s comfort in one go as well;
  • Discounts from the manufacturer – the more substantial your order, the more likely it is that you will be eligible for a discount on the total payable amount;
  • Energy-efficiency and comfort restored at once – if your old windows have been causing draftiness for some time, you will feel the difference made by your new windows right away after the replacement is complete. You will soon get the positive effects of the replacement on your energy bills, too.

The Cons of Complete Replacement

One of the most obvious con of getting all your windows replaced at once is the more substantial investment. In reality, buying all your windows in bulk, on one order is usually cheaper due to the discounts offered by window manufacturers in such situations, but it certainly feels like a huge expense, while buying your windows one by one, over a longer period of time, can be less burdening.

Fortunately, there are many ways to finance larger-scale window replacement projects: you can get a personal loan, a home equity loan or a mortgage loan and you can also turn to the manufacturer of your windows and the window installation company for a payment plan.

Tips to Make Sure You Find a Quality Commercial Roofer for Regular Maintenance

Atlanta commercial roofing


Regular roof maintenance is essential for any type of roof, flat roofs included. While you can surely perform the maintenance yourself, you should be aware that any kind of roof work, including maintenance, can be dangerous, especially if the person performing them does not feel entirely comfortable moving around at heights and that even the smallest crack or puncture can become a big problem almost overnight, therefore no issue should be disregarded or neglected. The best way to ensure that every issue, even the tiniest one, gets noticed and that the maintenance is performed safely is to hire a professional Atlanta commercial roofing contractor. Here are some tips to find a contractor that delivers the expected quality.

Look for Roofers with the Right Credentials and the Right Type of Expertise

Roofing is a vast and complex field, therefore most roofers specialize in certain tasks. To ensure that your roof is in the best hands, look for a roofer that specializes in commercial structures, more precisely, in the type of roof that you have on your building.

The other very important thing to check is the contractor’s licensing and insurance status. To be allowed to provide legitimate roofing services, contractors need to carry a state-issued license and they also need to have a general liability insurance as well as a workman’s compensation insurance.

The easiest way to look for contractors with the right credentials and expertise is to perform some online research. Most roofers today have websites on which they provide relevant information about their work, including field of experience and credentials.

Look for a Local Roofer with Good Reputation

Reputation is another important aspect to check – you need a Atlanta commercial roofing contractor that will do a thorough job each time and that you can trust. Fortunately, reputation is also easy to check online, especially if you are planning to hire a local contractor – if there have been any complaints filed against the roofer you are checking or if there have been any unhappy clients, you can find out on local review websites and forums.

Schedule Meetings with the Roofers on Your List

After you have found three or four roofers who seem suitable, contact them for a face to face meeting. During the meeting, ask the roofers to tell you a bit more about their company and about their previous work – it is a good idea to ask them to show copies of their credentials as well as their portfolio, maybe with a few verifiable clients that they have worked for before.

Find out the details of how the roofer performs regular maintenance, too. Ask about the steps of the process, the recommended frequency as well as about the size of the roofing team you can expect to work on your roof during maintenance sessions as well as about the price.

Get a Contract

You should only work with a roofer who is willing to enter a contract. Before you sign the contract, make sure to read it attentively that all the details of your agreement are included.

What To Expect From Your Colorado Land Surveyors

What to expect surveying companies services

You can be involved in various situations in which you might need the services of a land surveyor in Colorado – you might have a legal dispute regarding the boundaries of your land or an encroachment, you might want to buy property and you want to make sure that the property limits are correctly registered, you might want to start a real estate development or construction project, you might want to break a larger property into smaller units, you might want to install property fences or septic tanks and many others. Whatever your reason for hiring a land surveyor, here is what to expect of the process.

Finding and Hiring a Land Surveyor

You need a land surveyor who is not only experienced in the processes involved, in the field of the requirements for the type of survey that you need and in using the tools and devices necessary for accurate measurements, but who is also licensed and properly insured. To find the right expert, you can turn to your title company or to your real estate agent for recommendations or you can search online for the right experts, entering a simple query into your browser and checking the websites that come up on the results pages one by one, to find out about the professional’s experience and credentials. When you have a few names on your list, it is important to check their reputation in various online resources, such as on review websites, forums and on the website of the Better Business Bureau.

The costs of land surveys depend on the type and the complexity of the survey. Simple boundary surveys are usually the cheapest and they take the shortest time, too, while the complex topographic surveys needed for large-scale real estate development projects are usually the most expensive and they take the longest to prepare, too.

Types of Surveys

Here are some of the most common types of surveys that you can order:

  • Mortgage location surveys – these surveys are usually required with any mortgage application and they provide proof of the boundaries of the property that the mortgage is needed for and they reveal any differences between real measurements and features and the ones found in public records;
  • Boundary surveys – these surveys are performed to identify property boundaries and will include a detailed map of the property. They are usually needed for building permits;
  • Topographic surveys – these surveys include measurements to determine land elevations and they are usually needed before starting improvement projects, such as building additions or landscapes.

How Surveys Are Performed

After you discussed the details of your project and you hired one of the right survey companies Denver has for the job, the day of the survey is established and the surveyor will go to the property to do the job. During the process, the specialist might work alone or with a team and they will use various devices including GPS and other, sophisticated measurement tools. After the measurements are complete, the surveyor will prepare the survey with the information required and in the format needed, then you will receive the prepared document.

How Does a Roofing Contractor Measure a Home for a New Roof?

Any roofer will tell you that installing a new roof requires precision. The entire process starts with accurately measuring and calculating the area of the roof and establishing how much material will be needed. Add that to the fact that it might be important to add some extra shingles and materials in case any issues come up, and you could have a pretty big dilemma on your hands as to how you should measure for your new roof.

Fortunately, your roofer will do most of the measuring work so you don’t have to worry about it too much. However, if you’re still curious to see how your contractor measures your home, let’s take a closer look at the process and find out about some of the lesser known details.

roofer Tyler TX


Direct Measurement vs Making Calculations

First you might think that direct measurement is always the way. However, this doesn’t work for roofing systems that will have a more complex shape. In most cases, all you have to do is measure each plane of your existing roof and then calculate the area. If each plane is a rectangle, then it’s simple:

  1. You start by measuring the length and width of each of your roof’s planes.
  2. Multiply the length by the width to find the area of every plane.
  3. Add the results together to get the total sum.

For instance, if you have four planes, two of them measuring 75 by 100 feet and the other two measuring 75 by 150 feet each, your end result will be 7,500 and 11,250 square feet multiplied by 2. That will give you a total of 37,000 sq. ft. for your entire roof.

If your roof is circular, or has an irregular shape, this calculation no longer works, and measuring each facet would take a tediously long time. As such, roofers will typically use advanced geometric calculations or calculus to find out exactly how many squares you’ll actually need.

This process can get tricky, so make sure you always get at least the advice of a roofer. Even if you know the math, you will also need additional details that only a roofer will know – such as what percentage square footage will be lost when adding to the equation all the areas where chimneys, valleys and flashing has to be added alongside your roofing shingles.

Hire a Responsible Roofer to Measure and Install Your Roof

A recommended roofer Tyler TX professional affirms that to save time and avoid all the effort of measuring your roof on your own, simply hire trusted local roofers to do it for you. Whether you’re planning to built your house from scratch, or you just need to re-roof your existing home, this course of action will usually be favorable.

Once your roofing team arrives to inspect your roof and make all the measurements, you will also have a clear picture of how much material will go into the project and what the total price estimate will be. Of course, make sure you also get a second opinion and get a written estimate from the roofer that you will ultimately want to hire to complete the roof installation process.

What Is an OSHA 30 Training Class and Why Should It Interest You?

For employers who need their workers to be knowledgeable about using equipment or handling dangerous devices and materials at the workplace, the OSHA 30 training class is essential. Aside from providing employees with the necessary knowledge and training for health and safety at the workplace, it will also provide them with the highest OSHA certification. If you’re planning to work in a factory or  warehouse, this is the main training class that you should consider.

Introducing the OSHA 30 Training Class

The OSHA 30 training course is one of the most comprehensive online safety and training educational courses you will find. Covering 30 hours of well-chosen materials and details pertaining to OSHA standards, it will teach you everything you’ll need to keep a high standard of health and safety at your workplace.

Unlike the OSHA 10 class, this course covers a lot more than just the basics of health and safety. It also takes an in-depth look at topics that employees and managers working in higher risk environments or having responsibility over other workers might need to learn about:

  • The course covers extensive educational material associated with the proper use of electricity at the workplace and the recognition of the most essential electrical hazards.
  • Similar attention is given to the science and hazards of various chemical agents and bloodborne pathogens.
  • The safety information and strategies included in the course also cover the use of various types of equipment such as PPEs.
  • You will also get comprehensive information about walking hazards, surfaces that are typically used for walking and working, as well as machine guarding, knowledge of exit routes and emergency plans, and much more.

Once you start the OSHA 30 certification course, you will see that it covers not only some very detailed materials presented in audio form, but also real life case studies, study guides and access to experienced instructors who will answer all your questions about the class. Also, there is a comprehensive and detailed review present at the end of each lesson to help workers assimilate the information as easily as possible.

OSHA 30 certification

How You Should Approach the Class

Preparing for a training class is often as important as taking it. You won’t be able to assimilate the knowledge provided without preparing yourself beforehand in an appropriate manner. Also, there is a small monetary requirement, and this class is not as cheap as the OSHA 10. The OSHA 30 class will cost you right around $100 more than a basic OSHA training 10 class, which is however a completely worthwhile expense.

The course access is available 24/7 during the time when you’re taking the class, and the materials will be well worth studying in greater detail. Additionally, be prepared to take notes and write down any questions you might have, since you’ll be able to ask an experienced and knowledgeable instructor about everything you need to know.

The OSHA 30 course is designed to have an accessible learning curve that workers can easily manage. Aside from the certification it provides, you’ll find that it will also teach you a great deal of practical knowledge about health and safety.

Why Is It Important to Consider Renting a Furnished Apartment?

There is a lot of hassle when you rent an unfurnished apartment, and those who have done that at one time or another already know. When you rent furnished apartments near me, on the other hand, everything is much more convenient. You already have some basic furniture and even a few appliances to work with, and you don’t have to worry about the moving van not arriving on time.

The Problem with Unfurnished Apartment Rentals

Many people would argue that getting an unfurnished apartment is better, since it’s cheaper. It’s true that a furnished apartment would cost more, and it also introduces furniture you might not want. For instance, if you’re more partial to a modern style with an airy feel, sleek surfaces and sharp corners, then you might not like it if the apartment has a retro feel to it, featuring older, wooden furniture that tends to be overly cozy and even smothering at times.

The issue with renting an unfurnished apartment, however, is that even though you have full creative freedom on how you want to decorate it and what furniture you want to bring in, you’re the one who will have to provide it. So unless you already have the furniture outside in the moving van, there will be a slow wait and possibly a pretty large expense involved with bringing the new furniture in.

Spending thousands of dollars for a new bed, refrigerator, washing machine, as well as less expensive items like desks, coffee tables and chairs, might be a good idea if you have a lot of cash on your hand. Alternatively, you could bring in most of your furniture from the place you used to live in, but some of it might already be old and broken down. So you’d still need to buy at least some of the items brand new.

apartments near me

Getting a Furnished Apartment

A furnished apartment is generally a much better idea as well as a sweeter deal. You get to move in right away; but not just that, you actually get to settle in without needing much else. You might still opt to buy a few smaller items, or maybe you don’t like the mattress and you wish to bring the one you used to sleep on, which might still be in good condition. However, you no longer have to spend a lot of money to buy new furniture items, nor do you have to load up a large moving van or truck with old furniture.

Renting furnished apartments near me is also a great idea because it promotes minimalism. If you want to enjoy the minimalist lifestyle, and you’re considering not staying in the same place for very long, then it’s important to be able to take everything you have with you. That means the only option to sustain the lifestyle you choose is to rent a furnished apartment and use the furniture for a while, until you choose to move on.

Although slightly more expensive, furnished apartments give you the freedom to move and help you enjoy the luxury of having a full set of furniture and appliances that you can use at your leisure.

What Are Some of the Most Common Garage Door Repairs to Consider?

Even though there are a lot of different types of garage doors that you might install in your home, the basic principle behind their operation is very similar, and it’s not unlike that of most doors. You have the door itself and the materials that it’s made from, along with a locking mechanism that, in the case of some garage doors, is also motorized and fitted with additional sensors, alarms and remote locking systems designed to keep your car safe from intruders.

Unfortunately, even the best and most advanced garage doors can break down or malfunction in some ways. Whether you drove the car into it on a foggy evening, or the electronic lock was hit by a power surge, you will need to get acquainted with some of the main problems and fixes that can arise and know what to expect in each case.

technicians from a company that services garage doors near me do a great job

The Most Basic and Common Repairs

There are some common garage door problems that typically have simple enough fixes even if they don’t seem like it. These repairs can even be made by DIY enthusiasts with that have few technical skills and tools available at their disposal:

  • Cracks are probably the most common problem that can arise, especially with older doors made of wood or other softer materials. To get rid of cracks and gaps, you can use a common waterproof sealant or filler to caulk the affected areas.
  • When the garage door opens only partially and then immediately closes, the problem might be with the springs that are found at the top of the door. If it hasn’t been more than three years since the springs were installed, you can typically get away with only replacing the broken ones, but most experts recommend that you replace all of them to save money in the long run.
  • Alignment problems are common, and they can lead to garage doors closing only partially or never closing at all. A common fix for this problem is to check to see if something is obstructing the door’s photo-eye – a security component located on both sides of your garage door. In some cases you might need to call in an expert, especially if the photo-eye is fine and the misalignment is caused by a mechanical problem.
  • If the garage door doesn’t seal all the way to the bottom, you could consider calling in an expert that repairs garage doors near me to fix it. However, a more straightforward and affordable repair is to get some pipe insulation from your local hardware store and secure it to the part of the door that doesn’t seal properly.

Difficult Repairs and the Need for Replacement

Some repairs require the presence of an expert, and others simply can’t be fixed in any practical way, being either too difficult or too expensive to repair completely. Doors damaged beyond repair by collisions, rust or mold, or those that are too old to continue protecting your garage properly usually have to be replaced entirely as recommended by pros installing garage doors near me.

If you want to avoid the hassle of replacing the door yourself, you can simply call on your local garage door service and have them arrive to your location to install a brand new door within just a couple of days at most.

Where Do We Go After A Flood Due to Frozen Pipes?

Flooding caused by frozen pipes is among the most common forms of water damage – when temperatures fall to below freezing, the water that might be left in plumbing pipes exposed to those low outdoor temperatures freezes and expands, causing the pipes to burst and to flood the property. If you are faced with flooding caused by damaged piping, here are some important steps to take.

Ensure the Safety of the Premises

Any flooded area can be dangerous, so shut off the electricity as well as the water supply to the affected site, possibly before you even approach it – the combination of electricity and water can be lethal, so do not expose yourself to that risk.

Call Your Insurance Agent

If the type of damage sustained by your property is covered by your homeowner’s insurance, call your insurance agent and ask for guidance. Your agent will help you with advice regarding the restoration process and will also recommend you damage mitigation, restoration and repair companies that you can turn for help.

water damage restoration Fort Collins

Call a Plumber and a Water Damage Restoration Company

Many plumbers and water damage restoration Fort Collins experts today provide both scheduled and emergency services, so try to find a contractor that handle calls 24/7. Depending on the size and the nature of the damage, you might also need to contact both types of contractors – while your plumber will fix the damaged pipe section, if the damage is extensive and the flooding affects your home interior, turning to a water damage restoration company is the only way to ensure that your home is cleaned, dried and decontaminated properly to restore its safety.

Next Steps

The repair and restoration process will probably start with the assessment and the documentation of the damage. All the obstacles, such as damaged belongings, will be removed, then the damage will be evaluated by your contractors and recommendations will be made regarding the repair and restoration process. Your plumber will, then, start repairing your plumbing system.

Depending on the amount damage caused by your frozen pipes, you might need the services of other restoration specialists as well. If the flooding has affected flooring and walls in your home, your property will need cleanup, dehumidification and disinfection of your rooms, then the walls and floors in your rooms will need to be restored and refinished when the drying is complete. This means that beside the plumber and the water damage restoration Fort Collins contractor, you might also need a mason or a painter as well.

Filing an Insurance Claim

The contractors that you work with might also be able to help you with your insurance claim file. To substantiate your claim, the claim file needs to include evidence of the damage, calculations regarding the amount you claim and detailed descriptions of the repair action. After you submit your claim, your insurer will send their own adjuster to check your property and to negotiate the details of the final insurance compensation agreement. The contractors whose help you have enlisted during the repair process can help you with this phase as well.

How to Find out if You Have Bed Bugs in Your House or Apartment

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed exclusively on blood. They often prefer people’s blood. Studies have shown that they do not transmit diseases, unlike mosquitoes for example. Then why are we so afraid and disgusted with them?

Probably, primarily because they multiply fairly quickly and are extremely difficult to kill. They die hard, like Bruce Willis… In addition, a mature bed bug lays up to 300 eggs during their lifetime… Do you realize what an entire colony does? They grow and mature extremely quickly, live quite a long time and, without food, they can hibernate for up to six months. If temperature is appropriate, they can actually hibernate for almost a year.

If you have irritated skin or notice small red spots on your face, arms, legs, chest or back, it is a sign that you may have bed bugs. These are bites that later become inflamed, and once scratched, can lead to bleeding and infection. To make sure the bed bugs are to blame for the red marks on your body, look at the bite pattern. Those made by these insects often appear in groups, straight lines and zigzags.

bed bug inspection near me

However, some people may not have such a physical reaction. In this case, you need to look for other clues.

  • Stains on your clothes

Check for red spots on the bed linen or clothes. If you crushed a bed bug, it will leave a small trail of blood. You may also find brown spots that are made by their feces. You can also find them on bed sheets, as well as in places that are rather difficult to look, such as mattress and wooden frames. Also check the walls, especially under the wallpaper, as bed bugs can leave feces in these places as well.

  • Unpleasant smell

Bed bug glands release pheromones, and if they are in large numbers, the smell can be quite strong – and you will not like it. So, if your room smells of moldy clothes or rotten food for no apparent reason, you likely have a reason to worry.

  • Casings

Bed bugs lose their casings as they grow, so look for light-colored shells. Check pillows, mattress stitches, chairs, sofas, drawers and clothes.

  • White spots

If you notice white spots on the furniture, it could be the eggs of the bedbugs or the eggshells. They have the shape of a rice grain and a translucent white color, sometimes bright. 

How to get rid of bedbugs

Bedbugs can be found even in the cleanest five-star houses or hotels. So, while cleaning plays an important role in removing bed bugs, you will need additional methods to get rid of them completely.

Because these insects do not tolerate acidic environments, sanitary alcohol is a very effective remedy against them. Use a spray bottle and apply it generously on the bed and in any place where you suspect there might be a nest. If this remedy does not help you, a company for bed bug inspection near me will do a great job finding and getting rid of these horrible pests.

Why Consider a Custom Gate with Electronic Controls

automatic gates Denver

If you still lock the doors in your company with a regular key, it might be the time to consider a custom gate with electronic controls, just to make your work easier and increase protection for both employees and the entire company from theft or malicious people. Per experienced automatic gates Denver contractors, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy.

A gate with electronic controls reduces the risks that can occur with the loss of the key. If you have not implemented such a system in your company, you probably have to give a key to each person you hire and make sure that every employee who leaves your company hands over the keys when they resign or are fired. If you have a company with less than ten employees, this situation is more easily manageable, but if the number of your employees is higher it will be more and more difficult for you to control people`s access.

Using a regular key involves some risks. Even if one of your employees hands you the key when they leave, they may have a copy at home which will allow them access to the company when you are not there. Useless to say that this may lead to theft of information and goods. A regular key can also be lost quite easily, or even stolen.

If you opt for custom gate with electronic controls, you can block the access of those who no longer work in your company and, if an access card is lost, you can block it remotely. This way, the risks of someone unauthorized entering your company are close to zero.

A gate with electronic controls lets you know who enters your property and when. Unlike regular keys, access cards have a unique identification code that you can assign to each employee. This code lets you know who got in, when they got in and how long they have stayed and makes easy the identification of intruders, which is particularly useful in the event of a negative incident. Also in case of a fire, you can monitor if all the employees who came that day for work evacuated the building safely, so you can make the job of the firefighters much easier. Also, this measure can help you to monitor each employee`s working hours more easily. You can check the days when they were absent and the days when they went away from work for a few hours. On the other hand, with such an access control system, no employee has to worry anymore about not being evaluated properly.

With access control, you can also set restrictions in certain areas of your property, for certain periods of time. An ordinary key can give each employee access to any area of ​​the company. But using an electromagnetic latch with access control allows you to permit the access selectively, according to the criteria that you choose, and even to block the access completely (e.g. the access of the employees outside working hours).



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